Perfect Pairings: White Wines

We’ve all been spending a lot of time in the kitchen lately, seeking out perfect pairings for everything in the pantry. Whether you’re grilling up tomahawk steaks like Brian or steaming asparagus with hollandaise like David (or watching the experts on Top Chef craft them with takeout on the table) we invite you to shop our spring collection and pair with ease—and share more of your pairings on The Wine Access Experience.


Eduardo Dingler
International Wine, Saké, and Spirits Judge

Springtime Sipper: 2017 Massican Winery Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley

ED: “Talk about a mouth-watering experience! This Sauvignon Blanc draws upon Friulian inspiration and is crafted by one of the all-time masters of the style, Dan Petroski (who also makes those 100-point wines at Larkmead). Crisp, elegant and harmonious with plenty of citrus tension and cleansing mineral tones. You won’t find a domestic producer achieving this level of European-quality deliciousness.”


ED: “Go with a classic Maine Lobster roll served alongside sea salt sprinkled thick cut French fries. There’s a sharp definition about this wine that dances around the fattiness of the dish while enhancing the flavors.”


Vanessa Conlin MW
Head of Wine

Springtime Sipper: 2018 Brokenwood Wines Semillon Hunter Valley Australia

VC: “Hunter Valley Semillon is a wine I fell in love with while studying for the MW exam, and Brokenwood is the gold standard producer from the region. Semillon from this region is different than the same variety grown and made in any other place. Here, it is light-bodied, low-alcohol (11.5% in this case), with high, super-zingy acidity, crisp and focused, and with notes of citrus, beeswax, fresh-cut herbs, and a woodsy element that reminds me of pine sap. The wine is un-oaked, but Semillon from this region takes on an ethereal smoky character with age—it’s kind of magical! Lovers of Sauvignon Blanc or Grüner Veltliner should definitely give this wine a try!”


VC: “The light-bodied nature of the wine pairs well with shrimp and scallops, white fish and those springtime vegetables that are notoriously difficult to pair with wine, like asparagus and artichokes.”


Sur Lucero
Master Sommelier

Springtime Sipper: 2017 E. Guigal Condrieu La Doriane

SL: “Under the right care and attention, from some of the most specific sites in Northern Rhône Valley, the Viognier grape can stand amongst great white wines of the world. Guigal’s La Doriane bottling has proved this to me time and time again! Wild and exotic on the nose, massively dense and oily, yet agile and explosive, this wine can stand up to foods that most white wines would just be flat out, run over by. The nose has aromatics of yellow peach, cardamom, wildflower, mixed citrus marmalade, and hot crushed rocks. The breadth of the palate feel is all-encompassing, lush but a little nervy and very well composed. Just a kiss of underlying bitterness pulls the density into focus and drives the long oily finish.”


SL: “One of the most divine pairings I have asked a bottle of La Doriane to take on is the classic crispy skin Peking duck. Rich, luscious duck breast and thighs resting on top of rice “pancakes” that have generous spoonfuls of plum sauce, soy and duck stock made into a paste that has the deepest earthy, umami tones of fermentation and savoriness. The top of the duck receives long threads of scallions and pickled carrot before being topped with crispy duck skin and enjoyed almost like a taco. The pairing is wild and exotic as the wine has all of the body and richness to stand up to the plum sauce, while the oriental tones of the sweet citrus oils, along with the middle eastern cardamom play wonderfully with the earthy-sweet tones of the plum sauce. Truly divine.”


Neil Mechanic
VP of Wine

Springtime Sipper: 2019 Grosset Wines Springvale Riesling

NM: “Riesling’s nobility goes beyond Germany into Australia with Grosset’s line of mouthwatering renditions that push the envelope for mineral crispness and palate exotica. This Springvale has plenty of green apple and lime notes that are lifted by a chalky-slate texture and fresh herb notes. Enjoy now or hold for another 3 to 7 years.”


NM: “Wok-seared snapper tossed with a yellow-miso ginger glaze that has a little heat and herbal spice from fresh chili paste and lemongrass.”


Robert Emery
VP of Wine

Springtime Sipper: Imaginarium Blanc de Blancs Methode Traditionnelle Burgundy

ED: “Sparkling wine is often overlooked, but perfect for every occasion. The Imaginarium Blanc de Blancs is the perfect way to kick off the spring. Loaded with bright fruit, refreshing lemony acidity, and touches of biscuit notes, it’s priced to celebrate every day, just because…”


ED: “Brilliant on its own as an aperitif or I’d serve this up with a variety of hard and soft cheeses such as Gruyère or Camembert, or with anything salty and crispy, from potato chips to fried chicken.”


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