Guide to Visiting Wine Country in the Off-Season: Napa Valley

story and photos by Virginia Miller A Napa winter is marked by the magic of mustard flowers, carpeting vineyard floors with a vivid, cheery yellow. This is NorCal winter. Wine country off season is the unsung, idyllic time to visit Napa Valley. Sunny, clear, cool days give way to cozy winter nights in front of a fireplace after a day of eating and wine tasting. Over the winter, hotel rates are cheaper and the hottest restaurants are easier to book. Napa isn’t as flooded with tourists, tour buses, and limos as it is in the summer or peak harvest times in the fall. You’ll find a Napa that is laid back, even sleepy, making for a relaxing weekend or day trip. Despite the horror of the 2017 fires and the thousands of homes lost, Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino residents have remained a tight-knit, strong community. The region remains open for business and is as much a world travel destination as ever. From the larger riverside city of Napa to the charming main street of small-town Calistoga, many hotels offer their best rates in the January through February months. While you might want to snag a reservation at legends like The … Continue reading Guide to Visiting Wine Country in the Off-Season: Napa Valley