Wined & Dined: Perfect Memorial Day Pairings with Goose & Gander

Tucked just far enough off Main Street in Saint Helena to feel like a locals’-only secret, Goose & Gander is one of Napa Valley’s classic eateries and arguably holds the title for “Napa’s Best Burger.” To celebrate the start of summer, we’ve teamed up with Chef Nic Jones and our in-house pairing guru Eduardo Dingler to bring you the perfect Memorial Day recipes and the wines to match. Read on for tips, tricks, and recipes to make your Memorial Day one to remember.


Salted Summer Squash Salad

1 lb. Summer Squash
¼ oz. Sea Salt
1 each Lemon
1 T Extra Virgin Olive Oil
3 T Sweet Chili & Garlic Sauce (Mae Ploy works great)
½ bunch Mint
½ bunch Thai Basil

Shave summer squash 1/8-inch-thick on a long bias. Salt squash and let rest for 15-20 minutes, this will let the squash soften and become pliable as it pushes off natural liquid. After 15-20 minutes strain off excess liquid. At this point add lemon and olive oil. Toss in a mixing bowl and let marinate ideally 5 minutes before serving. When plating the squash, create ribbons as you plate. Hand rip large pieces of mint and Thai basil on salad, then drizzle sweet chili & garlic sauce over the top of the salad.

Sweet Chili & Garlic Sauce

Yields 12 oz jar

4 each Jimmy Nardello Peppers
1 each Fresno Peppers
6 each Garlic Cloves
150 ml Water
150g Sugar
3 grams Salt
5 grams Corn Starch (mixed with 5 grams water)

Rough chop peppers and garlic. Place in food processor and pulse. Add all ingredients except corn starch into a stainless steel pot and bring to boil. Continue to boil for approximately 10 minutes but control your heat and be sure not to boil over. Drop heat to simmer. Mix corn starch with water in a small bowl to make a slurry and add it to the pot. Let simmer for 5 minutes, then pour in a mason jar, tighten lid, and let cool.

Eduardo suggests: “This is the ultimate start of summer treat, and fantastic paired with an equally celebratory wine, the 2018 Twomey Cellars Sauvignon Blanc from Napa and Sonoma Counties. This wine wakes up the palate with fireworks brought on by the layers of citrus fruit flavors, and sharp mineral notes that take the pairing to the next level by embracing the tangy spice of the dish.”


The G&G Burger

8 oz. Grass-Fed Beef
1 slice Gruyère Cheese
2 slices Bacon
2 oz. Remoulade
2 slice Manhattan Pickle
2 leaves Little Gem Lettuce
1 each Ciabatta Bun
1 oz. Herb Butter

Tip from Nic: Herb butter is made by infusing rosemary, thyme, sage, rough-chopped garlic, and shallots. Simmer all ingredients for 10 minutes then strain.

Start by getting your grill hot, we use a food fire grill with a combination of white oak and fruitwood. The wood fire is a distinct flavor in our burger, but if your cooking on charcoal or even gas all the other flavors will hold their weight.

Brush the 8-ounce beef patty with melted herb butter and a generous coat of salt. Put your seasoned patty on the grill and get good marks on your burger. The trick to getting good marks is not fussing with the patty, let the fire and grill grate do its job. After you flip the patty and the second side is cooked halfway through your desired temperature, then its time to add your cheese to melt. In the meantime, brush your bun with melted herb butter, lightly toast the bun on the least hot portion of your grill.

To assemble, slather remoulade on both sides on the bun. Lay two leaves of little gem lettuce on the bottom bun and the patty with melted cheese on top of that. Put crispy bacon and pickles over the top of the cheese. At this point, you can add some of our optional additions such as bone marrow, fried duck egg, or shaved truffles and serve it up with some duck fat fries!


Yields 2 quarts – Use extra sauce for salad dressing for shrimp remoulade or crab Louie or make a smaller portion.

1 qt. rice oil or vegetable oil
3 each egg yolks
1 each whole egg
2 oz. Dijon mustard
2 oz. Sriracha

Add all ingredients above in bowl or mixing vessel except oil. Begin mixing with whisk or stick blender, slowly drizzle oil in to emulsify. After emulsified fold in ingredients below.

5 oz. chopped capers
5 oz. chopped Manhattan pickles
5 oz. chopped cornichons
3 ½ oz. chopped tarragon
3 ½ oz. chopped chives
3 ½ oz. chopped dill

Eduardo suggests: “An epic burger like this deserves a wine of equal proportions to deliver an out of this world experience, which is why I recommend the incomparable 2017 Shafer Vineyards One Point Five Cabernet Sauvignon Stags Leap District. This baby packs a punch with layers of fruit, spice, and tannins to cradle the many layers of richness that each bite delivers. Put on your seatbelts and enjoy the ride!”


Strawberry Basque Cake Muffins

Yields 6 muffins

12 oz. Unsalted Butter (softened)
12 oz. Sugar
3 each Eggs
5 oz. All-Purpose Flour
1.5 tsp Baking Powder
2 tsp Salt
1 T Vanilla Paste
6 oz. Strawberries (rough chopped)
1 ½ T Corn Starch
3 T Caramel Sauce

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees and prep muffin tins with pan spray. Cream the butter with sugar and vanilla. Slowly add eggs until each egg is incorporated. At this point add flour, baking soda and salt, until ingredients are distributed evenly, do not over mix. In a separated bowl coat chopped strawberries with corn starch, then add the caramel sauce. In the prepped muffin pan add dough halfway up the muffin tin, evenly distribute strawberry mix on top of the dough, then cover strawberries with the rest of the dough. Bake Muffins at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

Tip from Nic: I like to serve these muffins warm with vanilla ice cream and salted caramel.

Eduardo suggests: This mouthwatering dessert demands a celebration, in this case one of the best sparkling wines that the US has to offer, the 2016 Schrambsberg Vineyards Blanc de Blancs Brut. With uplifting orchard and lemon aromatics, a sassy mousse, and elegant acidity this wine holds its own with every bite playing off the strawberry flavors and demanding sip after sip.