Turning Up the Heat with Spiceology

Since we never get tired of whipping up exciting pairings, chef-driven Spiceology is a natural partner: The bold spice purveyor is slinging some fantastic flavor combos—spice rubs like Black & Bleu and Nashville Hot Chicken—and we’ve been having a blast matching them with the perfect wines. We even negotiated a 10% off discount for our members at Spiceology with code sipandgrill10, so spice it up today!

The Spice: Maui Wowee Hawaiian Rub 

The Wine: Ripe, Rich Whites

The Why: “The pineapple flavors in this rub send me reaching instantly for wines with a tropical bent to their aromas and flavors—like rounded California Chardonnays and white Rhône blends. These wines accent and mirror the flavors in the rub, which is perfect for chicken or pork perfectly seared on a charcoal fire.” 

— Wine Access Personal Concierge Laura Koffer 

2017 Three Sticks Chardonnay Durell Vineyard Sonoma Coast
2018 E. Guigal La Doriane Condrieu

The Spice: Cowboy Crust 

The Wine: Bold, Smooth Reds

The Why: “This bold chile and espresso rub demands a wine that packs an equally powerful punch—and silken red blends are the perfect match. Cabernet-based blends and Malbec will harmonize with the subtle dark coffee flavor in this rub and bring it to the forefront. The cracked pepper tones in the wine will also add a nice accent to the chile powder, while bright fruit and floral will bring those same elements out of the chile, revealing more than just heat.”

— Wine Access Personal Concierge Laura Koffer 

2017 Shafer Vineyards Relentless Napa Valley
2017 Altocedro Malbec Reserve Old Vine Uco Valley Mendoza

The Spice: Black Magic Cajun

The Wine: Syrah 

The Why: “The complexity of the paprika and cayenne spice interacts beautifully with cool-climate Syrah. These expressions of the grape, from California and the Northern Rhône—with their dark fruit, black pepper notes, andbright acidity—really enhance the top-notes of the spice blend. I love it with beef or pork fresh off the grill.”  

— VP of Wine Eduardo Dingler

2018 Benevolent Neglect Syrah Las Madres Vineyard Carneros
2019 Brick & Mortar Syrah West Block Petaluma Gap

The Spice: Mermaid’s Trident

The Wine: Dry Rosé

The Why: “Oh man, I love a zesty, citrusy spice—it’s a perfect blend for lighter, fresher dishes off the grill. With tangy, bright blends like this one I always reach for rosés like Lorenza and Stoudemire because they highlight the citrus elements of the rub and elevate the spices. Together, these two area dangerously good pairing.” 

— VP of Wine Eduardo Dingler

2020 Lorenza True Rose California
2020 Stoudemire Clarity Rose Paso Robles