Debating and Debunking Generations of Wine Myths

Entirely true, perhaps a kernel of truth, or complete fiction: our live panel discussion was aimed at setting the record straight on the hot-button myths that swirl about wine. Presented in partnership with Decanter and hosted by Master of Wine Vanessa Conlin, Head of Wine for Wine Access.

Conlin moderated a panel of five wine industry experts including Hirsch Vineyards winemaker and second-generation proprietor Jasmine Hirsch, Dragonette winemaker and co-proprietor Brandon Sparks-Gillis, winemaker and proprietor of Italian-influenced Massican wines Dan Petroski, fourth-generation vintner and co-founder of Raen wines Carlo Mondavi, and PRESS wine director Vincent Morrow MS.

Our discussion shines a spotlight on some of the greatest wine myths of our generation. Does wine really make itself in the vineyard? Is it true that a ‘dry wine’ contains zero grams of sugar? Are sulfites actually responsible for causing headaches? Do some winemakers really fine their wine with fish bladders? How can wine be considered vegan? Is climate change forcing grape-growers to plant new varieties? What exactly is ‘minerality’ in wine? Should you serve all red wine at room temperature? Is it okay to send a bottle back in a restaurant just because you don’t like it? We cover all this and more.