Thanksgiving Wine Quiz: Test Your Family’s Knowledge

Happy Thanksgiving

by Virginia Miller

It’s Thanksgiving and feasting is planned with family and friends. As the wine lover, you’re bringing plenty of bottles to pair with all-day eating. To varying degrees, everyone is pretty happy about the drink portion of the holiday but their wine knowledge runs the gamut from total beginner to the fledgling fan.

Here’s a game you can play to quiz the fam on how much they know about wine. The one who gets the most answers right should probably get some extra glassfuls — or at the very least, exemption from dishwashing duty.

Which of the following wines can be both dry and sweet?  

A) Tokaji
B) Riesling
C) Muscat/Moscato
D) Gewurztraminer
E) All of the above

What is the alternative name for Syrah grapes in Australia?

A) Shiraz
B) Petite Sirah
C) Merlot
D) “Fosters”

When a restaurant pours a small amount of wine to taste before pouring full glasses, this is because they want to make sure:

A) The wine isn’t spoiled or “corked”
B) The Sommelier likes the wine
C) The Chef will use some of it for cooking

How does salty food impact red wine?

A) It decreases the body of the wine and makes tannins more astringent.
B) It increases the perception of body.
C) It makes the acidity more harsh.  

What sweet wine originally from Germany and Canada is made with frozen grapes?

A) Botrytis wine
B) Passito
C) Icewine
D) “Mother’s Milk”

When people say they are doing a “vertical tasting,” they mean they are tasting:  

A) Wines lined up vertically
B) Wines from the same vineyard/producer/winemaker but from different years
C) Wine from the same year but from different vineyards/producers/winemakers

Why are wine bottles stored on their sides?

A) To keep sediment from collecting on the bottom
B) To take up less space
C) To keep the cork from drying out

The word “appellation” refers to:

A) Wines produced in mountain vineyards
B) Designated growing area of the wine
C) Wines with distinct apple notes

As of 2016, which country produced the most wine?

A) France
B) Italy
C) Spain

What happens to red wine as it ages?

A) Primary fruit aromas subside and tertiary aromas develop
B) Tannins appear to soften
C) Colors take on a lighter and more tawny hue
D) All of the above

BONUS: Which is the best First Growth French red wine to pair with turkey?

A) 100-point 1982 Mouton Rothschild
B) 100-point 1990 Château Margaux
C) 100-point 2005 Haut-Brion
D) All the above if you’re lucky enough!  



1. E  2. A  3. A  4. B  5. C
6. B  7. C  8. B  9. B. 10. D BONUS. D

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