The Author Series

At Wine Access our goal has always been to bring wines to life in a way that is informative, entertaining, humorous, and unpretentious which is why we’ve invited some of the best storytellers in the world of wine to join us in our new Author Series.

Together with the several of the industry’s most prominent voices, we’re creating exclusive virtual events and video experiences, and offering access to their books as well.

We’re kicking off the series with celebrated journalists and wine experts Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher, whose love of wine (and writing) turned into a love for each other. Tasting and studying wine since 1973, their beloved book Love by the Glass: Tasting Notes from a Marriage, chronicles their journey into wine and has inspired generations of wine lovers.

Meet Our Authors: 

Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher: September 19, 2020

Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher conceived and wrote The Wall Street Journal’s wine column, “Tastings,” from 1998 to 2010. Dorothy and John have been tasting and studying wine since 1973. In 2020, the University of California at Davis added their papers to the Warren Winiarski Wine Writers Collection in its library, which also includes the work of Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson. Dottie has had a distinguished career in journalism as a reporter, editor, columnist and editorial writer at The Miami Herald, The New York Times, and at The Journal. John was Page One Editor of The Journal, City Editor of The Miami Herald and a senior editor at Bloomberg News. They are well-known from their books and many television appearances, especially on Martha Stewart’s show, and as the creators of the annual, international “Open That Bottle Night” celebration of wine and friendship. The first bottle they shared was André Cold Duck. They have two daughters.

About Love by the Glass: Tasting Notes from a Marriage

Love by the Glass is a captivating memoir by the authors of The Wall Street Journal’s weekly “Tastings” column, Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher, who have merged their journalism careers with their love of wine. She grew up in the all-black environment of Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, and he was raised in Jacksonville, where he was one of a handful of Jewish families. Follow Dottie and John from their June 4, 1973, meeting in the newsroom of The Miami Herald to their first “Open That Bottle Night,” which put them on the road to becoming full-time wine columnists. From the André Cold Duck that accompanied their first date to the bottle of Taittinger Champagne smuggled into the delivery room to wet the lips of their newborn second daughter, lovers of books as well as lovers of wine can now join the wine world’s favorite couple as they embark on the ultimate quest for the perfect grape.

Elizabeth Schneider: October 24, 2020 

After graduating from Wesleyan University (CT) and starting her career in Boston, Elizabeth quickly realized that her heart was more in her hobby than in her high-tech job. Trips to the wine shop often yielded awesomely poor (but hilarious) results, so together with her sister she finally took a course at the Boston Center for Adult Education to learn how to taste and appreciate wine. And that kicked it all off.

A stint in St. John in the Caribbean to wait tables and just unwind for 8 months (yes, she quit her high-tech corporate job, packed two bags, and hopped on a plane), was followed by a great two years completing her MBA at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (where she met M.C. Ice, her podcast partner and husband) and since then her career has been solely about wine.

She is a Certified Sommelier, Certified Specialist of Wine, MBA, blogger, wine educator, and normal wine person. Her goal is to bring the love of wine to people who don’t take themselves too seriously but who want great info about wine. She does this through the podcast, blog, book, video, speaking events, social media, and anything else that makes wine fun, easy, and normal.

About Wine for Normal People

Wine for Normal People is a down-to-earth resource for anyone seeking an introduction to the world of wine. Like the acclaimed Wine for Normal People podcast, this book is for people who want to learn about wine in a way that makes sense. Elizabeth treats the subject with respect, accuracy, and candor but also a sense of fun. She knows that wine is a hobby, not the only thing in your life, so she doesn’t over-do it on wine jargon or take something that is ultimately made for pleasure too seriously. Her book is beautiful, well-researched, and, of course, full of solid information, snark, and opinions, just like the podcast!

Aldo Sohm: December 19, 2020

Aldo Sohm is the James Beard Award-winning wine director of Le Bernardin and a partner in the eponymous Aldo Sohm Wine Bar. Sohm was named Best Sommelier in the World in 2008 by the Worldwide Sommelier Association, Best Sommelier in America in 2007 by the American Sommelier Association, and Best Sommelier of Austria four times by the Austrian Sommelier Union. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

About Wine Simple: A Totally Approachable Guide from a World-Class Sommelier

Aldo Sohm is one of the most respected and widely lauded sommeliers in the world. He has worked with chef Eric Ripert as wine director of Le Bernardin for over a decade, yet his philosophy and approach to wine is anything but pretentious. Imbued with Aldo’s insatiable passion and eagerness to teach others, Wine Simple is accessible, deeply educational, lively, and fun, both in voice and visuals. The essential guide begins with the fundamentals of wine in easy-to-absorb hits of information and pragmatic, everyday tips—key varietals and winemaking regions, how to taste, when to save and when to splurge, and how to set up a wine tasting at home. Sohm then teaches you how to take your wine knowledge to the next level and evolve your palate, including techniques on building a “flavor library,” a cheat sheet to good (and great) vintages (and why you shouldn’t put everything on the line for them), tips on troubleshooting tricky wines (corked? mousy?), and for the daring, even how to saber a bottle of Champagne. This visual, user-friendly approach will inspire readers to have the confidence, curiosity, and enthusiasm to taste smarter, drink boldly, and dive fearlessly headfirst into the exciting world of wine.

Jim Clarke: January, 2021

Jim Clarke has written about wine for more than twelve years in the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, World of Fine Wine, and NPR. He was a sommelier and wine director in New York City for several years. He specializes in the wines of South Africa, and for the past five years has been the U.S. Marketing Manager for Wines of South Africa.

About The Wines of South Africa

Jim Clarke has been following South Africa’s wine industry intently over the last 15 years. He begins The Wines of South Africa by addressing the country’s history, with its pioneering spirit entwined with a legacy of colonialism and slavery. Clarke goes on to discuss the efforts being made by the wine business to address the issue of racial inequality, with education programs, worker empowerment initiatives, and land restitution all being employed to create opportunities and redress the balance. He also focuses on issues of climate and industry structure that provide challenges for the country’s wine producers.