Our Top 50 Wines of 2017

Wine Access Judging Panel

Left to right: Sur Lucero MS, Vanessa Conlin, and Matt Deller MW tasting and judging wine in our Napa office.

There are those who buy wine because of an attractive label. There are those who judge quality based on cost. Both are missing out. A truly profound wine can be judged on only one thing: taste. It’s why our Master Wine Team conducts a rigorous review process, sampling thousands of the world’s best bottles and creating a catalog of wines that all exceed the expectations defined by their price.

We could keep our favorite and highest-rated wines a secret, but we want to share this wealth of wine knowledge with you so you can expand your collection with only the best wines. These are the top 50 wines of 2017 that our Master Wine Team tasted and rated:

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